Hi! I’m Kathleen, Kat, or Chefleen! I am a sunshine filled soul from Southern California, but now call New York City my home. I am a graduate of both UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and Le Cordon Bleu. My free spirit, passion, and honesty guide me through the world. My love of everything food, people, and entertaining landed me in the kitchen. My true passion is teaching people cooking is easy and fun! My current labor of love is Real Life Cooking with Chefleen, a live-streamed show where viewers can cook along in real time with me as they learn basic techniques and skills.

As a child I was always in awe of the happiness that surrounded the table at mealtime. My parents fostered my creativity by encouraging (and cleaning up after) all my culinary creations. Following graduation from Le Cordon Bleu, I was lucky enough to work in the house of Will and Jada Smith, where I was affectionately nicknamed ‘Chefleen.’

After flourishing as a private chef, I started my own catering company, based in Culver City, California. I also consulted on the creation of several new menus, including an all-organic alehouse in Venice Beach. After conquering the west coast I moved to New York, where I have continued as a private chef, working for high profile clients who cannot be mentioned, splitting time between clients in the city and the Hamptons. I wake up everyday thankful my career is fulfilling and delicious in the best possible way.

Let’s be friends!