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As a private chef, I know cooking can be hard.As a young woman "adulting" in New York City, I know life is harder. It turns out navigating through the city and the kitchen aren't so different. Do not be afraid; beauty is in the blunders.And I love to have fun, but we all gotta eat. It is my goal to inspire your own cooking genius. Cooking is what makes us human; it is instinctual and soul-satisfying. Through let’s cookin & Real Life Cooking I want to inspire and show you cooking is easy and fun! Join me in the journey. 

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 As tempting as take out is, there is a lack of quality control.Hiring a private chef for meal prep, private dinners, and events ensures you know exactly what you are putting into your body. As a private chef I listen to your specific needs and create menus that not only adhere to dietary restrictions but please everyone in your family.


It is clear Kathleen is very passionate about her craft and it comes across in her delicious meals. Her amazing work ethic and positive energy were icing on the cake, I really can't rave enough"

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Chefleen in the media

Chefleen: Chopped Champion! 

Food Network's most popular show: four chefs, three Mystery baskets only one winner! 

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Let's CookIN with NY Giants Jerell Adams

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Hi! I’m Kathleen, Kat, or Chefleen! I am a sunshine filled soul from Southern California, but now call New York City my home.  I am a graduate of both UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and Le Cordon Bleu. My free spirit, passion, and honesty guide me through the world. My love of everything food, people, and entertaining landed me in the kitchen. Being a private chef is how I pay my bills but Let's CookIN is a cumulation of my various personal and professional experiences. As a child I was always in awe of the happiness that surrounded the table at mealtime. My parents fostered my creativity by encouraging (and cleaning up after) all my culinary creations. Following graduation from Le Cordon Bleu, I was lucky enough to work in the house of Will and Jada Smith, where I was affectionately nicknamed ‘Chefleen.’ After flourishing as a private chef, I started my own catering company, based in Culver City, California. I also consulted on the creation of several new menus, including an all-organic alehouse in Venice Beach. After conquering the west coast I moved to New York, where I have continued as a private chef, splitting time between clients in the city and the Hamptons.


Kathleen, you are the best person to ever come cook in our house"

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