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As a private chef, I know cooking can be hard.As a young woman "adulting" in New York City, I know life is harder. It turns out navigating through the city and the kitchen aren't so different. Do not be afraid; beauty is in the blunders.And I love to have fun, but we all gotta eat. It is my goal to inspire your own cooking genius. Cooking is what makes us human; it is instinctual and soul-satisfying. Through let’s cookin & Real Life Cooking I want to inspire and show you cooking is easy and fun! Join me in the journey. 


REal Life Cooking

Food is knowledge. Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult and Chefleen will show you how to craft a meal in just under an hour while answering all cooking questions LIVE. Gather the groceries and join the live-stream every other Monday for this FREE culinary educational experience.

take home chef

Food is fuel. Too busy to cook for yourself and in the NYC area? Vegan? Keto? Gluten Free? No onions or carrots on Tuesdays? Ten years of experience means Chefleen’s team can accommodate any dietary needs. Hire us for meal prep, private dinners, even cooking classes!


Lovers & Friends

Food is community. Lovers & Friends began in New York City as an RnB themed dinner party with a mission to connect good people over great food. It is now expanding to several cities across the US, including Washington D.C., Martha’s Vineyard, and Los Angeles.


It is clear Kathleen is very passionate about her craft and it comes across in her delicious meals. Her amazing work ethic and positive energy were icing on the cake, I really can't rave enough"

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Features & Parternships


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Chefleen: Chopped Champion! 

Food Network's most popular show: four chefs, three Mystery baskets only one winner! 

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Kathleen, you are the best person to ever come cook in our house"

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